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Final Expense Planning including funeral and cremation services for veterans and their family members begins by becoming a FREE MEMBER of the Veterans Burial & Cremation Society. Planning in advance allows you to set aside funds and leave specific information regarding your own personal desires. It will greatly ease your family's burden of making decisions and is one of the best ways to help your family during their difficult time of grief and loss. Right now is the perfect time to take the first step towards protecting your family and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled.

The VA Does Not Pay
For Funeral or Cremation Services

Traditional Burial or Mausoleum

If your choice is ground burial or mausoleum entombment, the service or gathering usually involves the casket being present. You can choose to have a viewing or a closed casket visitation followed by a funeral service in the funeral chapel or church. Gathering together before the interment or entombment to honor a loved one is the first step and the most essential component in helping hearts to heal. Think of all the things that should be remembered; your work and play, your interests & hobbies, your personality and above all the people that were part of your wonderful life.

Uniquely Personalized Cremation

Choosing cremation means there are countless options for creating a meaningful Remembrance Gathering which can be private for family members or a public reception. You may wish to have a service, ceremony or life celebration at the funeral home, place of worship or other venue before or after cremation. There are many choices when considering the final disposition of the cremated remains. The VBCS funeral home provider network offers a diverse selection of worthy vessels to choose from in many different themes & hobbies, as well as works of art that will be displayed & enjoyed for generations.

Because You've Earned It

Burial in a VA National Cemetery is available for honorably discharged Veterans, their spouses and dependents at no cost to the family and includes the gravesite, grave-liner, opening and closing of the grave, a headstone or marker, and perpetual care as part of a national shrine. The Veteran does not have to die before a spouse or dependent child for them to be eligible. For Veterans, benefits also include a burial flag and military funeral honors. Depending upon the cemetery, burial options may include in-ground casket, or interment of cremated remains in a columbarium, in ground or in a scatter garden.

Veterans Funeral & Cremation Final Expense Planning